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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Used Honda Odyssey: Tips History and Comparisons

Introduction to the Honda Odyssey and its history

The Honda Odyssey is one of the most popular minivans in the United States today. What began as a mere prototype in Japan more than 25 years ago has now become a sensation among car enthusiasts.

Produced by the leading Japanese automaker Honda, the Odyssey was first launched in 1995 to replace the existing Shuttle model. The vehicle’s history can be traced back to 1989, when Honda created the R&D center for minivans in the US.

Since then, Honda has been able to successfully capture the hearts of millions of people worldwide with the Odyssey’s well-designed exterior, spacious interior, and advanced features.

Factors to consider when buying a used Honda Odyssey

Buying a used car can save you a lot of money, but it can also be a risky decision if not done properly. When looking to buy a used Honda Odyssey, there are several factors to consider before making a final purchase.

Here’s what to look out for:

1. Age and Mileage

Age and mileage are the most important factors to consider when buying a used Honda Odyssey.

Older models with high mileage tend to require more maintenance and repairs. A well-maintained Odyssey can last for over 200,000 miles, but anything above that should be treated with caution.

If the car is too old or has too much wear and tear, it may not be worth the investment. 2.

Trim Levels

Honda has offered a variety of trim levels for the Odyssey over the years. Each trim level has different features and amenities, so it’s important to make sure you’re getting what you need.

For example, a lower-level trim may not have all of the safety features you want, while a higher-level trim may have luxury features you don’t need. Know your priorities and choose the right trim level accordingly.

3. Accident History and Maintenance Records

Before buying a used Honda Odyssey, it’s important to check its accident history and maintenance records.

A vehicle with a clean history is always recommended as it’s less likely to have serious problems down the line. Look for any signs of wear and tear, rust, or damage.

Ask for maintenance records to see if the car has been regularly serviced. A well-maintained vehicle is more reliable and will last longer.

4. Price and Warranty

One of the reasons many people choose to buy used cars is because of their affordability.

However, it’s important to make sure you’re getting a fair price for the vehicle. Research the market value of the particular model and compare prices.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate with the seller if you feel the price is too high. Additionally, check if the vehicle comes with a warranty or not.

Most used cars come with some form of warranty, whether it’s from the manufacturer or the dealer. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the warranty before purchasing.

5. Test Drive

Lastly, don’t forget to take the vehicle for a test drive.

This is the best way to gauge how the car feels and performs. Pay attention to any unusual sounds or smells.

Test the brakes, accelerator, and steering wheel. Make sure everything works as it should.

If you feel anything is off, don’t hesitate to ask the seller about it. A test drive is critical in ensuring you’re making the right decision.


Buying a used Honda Odyssey can be a smart investment if you know what to look for. Remember to consider the age and mileage, trim levels, accident history, maintenance records, price and warranty, and test drive before finalizing your purchase.

With a little research and careful consideration, you can find a well-maintained Odyssey that will provide you with many years of reliable service. 3.

Top-rated years for the Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey has always been a reliable minivan, but some years have stood out in terms of popularity and overall satisfaction. Here are the top-rated years for the Honda Odyssey:


2011 Honda Odyssey – The 2011 model of the Honda Odyssey was praised for its car-like handling, spacious interior, and excellent fuel economy. The vehicle also came with advanced features like blind-spot monitoring and rearview cameras, making it a popular choice among buyers.

2. 2016 Honda Odyssey – The 2016 model was lauded for its sensible design and technology, which was geared towards families.

The minivan boasted of ample storage compartments, comfortable seating, and a range of safety features. 3.

2019 Honda Odyssey – The 2019 Honda Odyssey is one of the company’s most refined models to date. The minivan achieved high marks for its luxurious interior and performance, including more advanced safety features, an improved multimedia system, and spacious seating across all three rows.

4. 2020 Honda Odyssey – The Honda Odyssey was updated for the 2020 model year, earning several accolades from automotive industry professionals due to enhanced driver-assist features, a spacious cabin, and better handling compared to many of its minivan counterparts.

All four of these models have proven to maintain the Honda Odyssey’s top reputation for reliability and comfortable family transportation. 4.

Common issues and problems with Honda Odyssey models

While Honda Odyssey has an excellent reputation for reliability and high-quality, there have been several common issues reported over the years. Here are some of the most common problems faced by Honda Odyssey owners:


Transmission failure – The Odyssey has had transmission issues since the 1999 model, with the problem becoming more pronounced in 2003 and 2005. Honda attempted to resolve the issue with the introduction of a five-speed automatic transmission in 2007, which seemed to alleviate this issue.

2. Power Steering Pump Leaks – A notable affliction with model year 2005-2010 is the power steering pump leakage issues which occur from the overheating of the power steering pump due to restrictions to the flow of air through the cooling fins.

This can lead to the pump ultimately failing and the driver losing the ability to steer the vehicle. 3.

Malfunctioning door locks – Many owners of older models faced issues with malfunctioning door locks, including automatic doors that failed to close properly and manual locks that would stop locking. 4.

Electrical and alternator problems – The 2005 model year was affected by alternator problems while the 2011 model was subject to electrical issues that caused malfunctions in the car’s accessories and electrical system. 5.

Engine trouble – One common issue among Honda Odyssey owners is engine oil leaks, particularly in older models. Additionally, some 2011 models have reported issues with engine misfires, which can cause rough running, vibrations, and poor fuel economy.

It is recommended that buyers research any potential model before purchase, paying particular attention to possible common issues or recalls, as well as maintaining scheduled routine maintenance to avoid or correct some of the common issues. Ultimately, Honda Odyssey cars are still known for their reliable operation, making them a trusted and safe choice for families.

5. The difference between newer and older Honda Odyssey models

The Honda Odyssey has evolved significantly since its launch in 1995.

While certain features have been consistent throughout the years, such as the flexible seating arrangement and spacious interior, newer models have several key differences when compared to older models. Newer models tend to be more efficient and offer better fuel economy.

For example, the 2021 Honda Odyssey comes equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 engine that provides a more efficient fuel consumption rate over the previous years. The vehicles also tend to have more advanced technology incorporated, such as touchscreen infotainment panels, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto, rear-seat entertainment systems, and expanded safety features.

The latest Honda Odyssey models offer improved safety features that were not typically found in older models. For instance, Honda Sensing is a safety suite that includes a range of safety features like adaptive cruise control, collision mitigation braking, lane departure warning, and other features that provide improved safety.

Honda Sensing became a prevalent feature on newer Odyssey models only a few years ago. In addition to safety technology development, the overall interior design of the new models has also undergone a significant change.

With modern designs, more convenience amenities, and plush finishes, newer Odyssey models have raised the bar when it comes to style and comfort. 6.

Honda Odyssey’s safety features over the years

Safety has always been one of the top priorities of Honda Odyssey since its debut. Safety features in Honda Odyssey ranged from airbags and anti-lock brakes to backup camera and lane departure warning systems.

The 1999 Honda Odyssey models were equipped with dual front airbags, anti-lock brakes, and side airbags as part of the standard safety package. Front-side curtain airbags were added to the 2005 model, while electronic stability control and a passenger-side airbag cutoff switch were included in the 2006 model year.

Honda introduced the second generation of Honda Odyssey in 1999 where front and side airbags for the front passengers became standard across all trims. Additionally, all models offered ABS and Stability Control as standard features from this generation forward.

Safety features saw a significant improvement in the 2011 model year with the introduction of the advanced “Honda Sensing” suite of safety features, similar to features added to other Honda models later on. This feature brought about the addition of lane departure warning, forward-collision warning, back-up parking cameras, and hands-free parking assist, among other safety features, which is offered predominantly in newer models.

The 2022 model year is the latest iteration of the Honda Odyssey, which is now equipped with Honda Sensing and multiple advanced driver-assist features. Honda Sensing now contains an improved adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, forward-collision warning, automatic emergency braking, road departure mitigation, and pedestrian detection as standard features.

The car also features a wider viewing It also offers an expanded rear-seat camera system known as CabinWatch which enables parents to monitor how children in the rear seat are behaving while driving. Overall, the Honda Odyssey has consistently been recognized for its safety and reliability features, a trend that continues today.

The company will continue to add more advanced safety features as technology becomes available, making Honda Odyssey a safe and secure choice for families of all sizes and ages. 7.

Gas mileage comparisons for different Honda Odyssey models

Fuel efficiency is a significant consideration for most buyers when it comes to purchasing a car. Honda Odyssey is known for its exceptional fuel economy ratings, and here we will compare the gas mileage of Honda Odyssey models over the last decade.

1. 2012 Honda Odyssey – The 2012 Honda Odyssey gets an EPA-estimated 19 mpg city and 28 mpg highway.

It is equipped with a 3.5L V6 engine that produces 248 horsepower. 2.

2016 Honda Odyssey – The 2016 model of Honda Odyssey gets gas mileage rates of 19 mpg city and 28 mpg highway, similar to the 2012 model’s fuel efficiency. 3.

2019 Honda Odyssey – The 2019 model of Honda Odyssey offers great fuel efficiency, offering an EPA-estimated 19 miles per gallon in the city and 28 miles per gallon on the highway thanks to the advanced Idle Stop feature. 4.

2021 Honda Odyssey – The 2021 model of Honda Odyssey gets an EPA-estimated 19 miles per gallon in the city and 28 miles per gallon on the highway, similar to the 2012 and 2016 models. In general, Honda Odyssey’s fuel economy has remained similar for the past few model years despite adding newer technology and engine performance.

It’s important to note that driving habits, vehicle condition, and other factors can affect actual gas mileage. Nonetheless, Honda Odyssey continues to offer excellent fuel economy ratings, making it a wise investment for eco-conscious families.

8. Honda Odyssey’s roominess and storage capabilities

One of the most prominent features of Honda Odyssey is its roominess and versatility as a family vehicle.

Honda Odyssey models offer ample room for both passengers and cargo, making it an ideal vehicle for family road trips, weekend errands, and daily commutes. Honda Odyssey features flexible seating configurations, enabling owners to customize and adjust the seating arrangements to meet their unique requirements.

The minivan comes with different seating configurations, including second-row captain’s chairs, third-row Magic Seats, and a range of cargo storage where the second row of seats can fold down providing even more space. When it comes to cargo storage, Honda Odyssey models have a bigger capacity compared to other minivans.

For instance, the 2021 Honda Odyssey model has an incredible 32.8 cubic feet of cargo space, and when you fold down the second-row seats, it nearly triples to 88.6 cubic feet of cargo space, giving the vehicle ample space for carrying large items like furniture or appliances. The minivan also offers various storage compartments cleverly placed around the car’s cabin that provides enough storage for all passengers to stash their on-the-go essentials.

The front and rear door pockets provide dedicated storage areas for water bottles and other essential items. In addition to its storage capabilities, the Honda Odyssey is also well-equipped in terms of roominess, providing enough space for all passengers to sit comfortably without being cramped throughout the entire journey.

The headroom, legroom, and hip room dimensions are excellent, ensuring passengers stay comfortable and relaxed. Overall, Honda Odyssey continues to lead the way in terms of roominess and storage capacity, making it an ideal vehicle for families who want to optimize their vehicle’s carrying capacity.

With its ample room and cargo capacity, the Honda Odyssey stands out as one of the top-performing minivans in the market today. 9.

Interior and exterior design features of Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey is not only known for its practicality but also for its attractive and modern design both inside and out. Let’s explore the interior and exterior design features that make the Honda Odyssey stand out.

Interior Design Features:

1. Spacious and Versatile Cabin: The Honda Odyssey offers a spacious cabin that can comfortably accommodate up to eight passengers.

The flexible seating arrangements allow for easy customization to create more cargo space when needed. Additionally, high-quality materials and a well-designed layout give the interior a refined and upscale feel.

2. Comfortable Seating: The seats in the Honda Odyssey are ergonomically designed to provide excellent support and comfort, making long journeys more enjoyable.

Available options such as power-adjustable seats, heated and ventilated front seats, and even rear-seat entertainment systems enhance the comfort level for all occupants. 3.

Advanced Infotainment System: The Honda Odyssey is equipped with an advanced infotainment system that includes a touchscreen display, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Bluetooth connectivity. These features allow passengers to easily connect their devices, access their favorite apps, and enjoy a seamless entertainment experience.

4. Noise Insulation: Honda has paid attention to sound insulation in the Odyssey, making it a quiet and serene cabin for all passengers.

Noise-canceling technology and acoustic windshields help reduce exterior noise, ensuring a peaceful ride. Exterior Design Features:


Bold and Modern Styling: Honda Odyssey’s exterior design showcases a modern and bold look. The prominent grille, sleek headlights, and sculpted body lines give the minivan an athletic and stylish appearance.

The overall design is a perfect blend of form and function. 2.

Sliding Doors: One standout feature of the Honda Odyssey is its sliding doors, which provide easy access to the rear seats even in tight parking spaces. The sliding doors also enhance safety by reducing the risk of door dings and accidents when getting in and out of the vehicle.

3. LED Lighting: Honda has equipped the Odyssey with LED lighting to improve visibility and enhance the vehicle’s aesthetics.

LED headlights, taillights, and daytime running lights not only improve safety but also add a touch of modernity to the vehicle’s exterior. 4.

Aerodynamic Design: The Honda Odyssey features a sleek and aerodynamic design that not only enhances fuel efficiency but also reduces wind noise and improves overall handling. The carefully crafted body contours and well-placed spoilers contribute to the minivan’s performance and stability on the road.

The combination of a well-thought-out interior design and a striking exterior design makes the Honda Odyssey an appealing and stylish choice for families and individuals alike. 10.

Best Honda Odyssey models for families and large groups

Choosing the best Honda Odyssey model for families or large groups largely depends on the specific needs and preferences of the buyers. However, several models stand out for their family-friendly features and overall performance.

Let’s explore some of the best Honda Odyssey models for families and large groups. 1.

Honda Odyssey EX: The Honda Odyssey EX is a great choice for families due to its practicality and affordability. It comes equipped with features like 8-passenger seating, power sliding doors, tri-zone automatic climate control, and a rearview camera.

The EX also includes Honda Sensing suite of safety features. 2.

Honda Odyssey EX-L: The EX-L trim adds luxurious features to the EX model, making it ideal for families who value comfort and convenience. It includes leather-trimmed seats, a power liftgate, a power moonroof, and a rear-seat entertainment system, keeping passengers entertained on long trips.

3. Honda Odyssey Touring: The Honda Odyssey Touring is a top-tier model that offers a balance of luxury and practicality.

It includes features like heated front seats, a premium audio system, a rear-seat entertainment system, and the HondaVAC built-in vacuum cleaner. The Touring model also has advanced safety features, such as a blind-spot monitoring system and rear cross-traffic alert.

4. Honda Odyssey Elite: The Elite trim represents the highest level of luxury and convenience available in the Honda Odyssey lineup.

It offers premium features like ventilated front seats, a premium audio system, a heated steering wheel, a wireless phone charger, and a hands-free power liftgate. The Elite model also includes the Honda Sensing suite of safety features.

Ultimately, the best Honda Odyssey model for families and large groups will depend on individual preferences, budget considerations, and the specific needs of the family. All Odyssey models offer spacious interiors, flexible seating configurations, and advanced safety features, making them versatile options for family transportation.

11. Honda Odyssey’s technology features and updates over the years

The Honda Odyssey has undergone significant technological advancements and updates over the years, enhancing the driving experience for both the driver and passengers.

Let’s explore the technology features and updates that have made the Honda Odyssey a standout minivan. 1.

Infotainment System: The Honda Odyssey has seen a significant improvement in its infotainment system over the years. Older models typically featured basic audio systems, but recent models have introduced advanced touchscreen displays with intuitive interfaces.

Features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have also become standard, allowing seamless integration with smartphones and access to various apps and features. 2.

HondaLink Connectivity: HondaLink is a smartphone app that connects drivers to their Honda Odyssey. It allows owners to remotely lock/unlock their vehicle, receive maintenance reminders, check fuel levels, and even start the engine remotely.

This technology has made it more convenient for owners to manage their vehicles. 3.

Rear Entertainment Systems: Honda Odyssey models have offered rear-seat entertainment systems to keep passengers entertained on longer journeys. From overhead screens to individual screens integrated into the seatbacks, these systems provide access to movies, games, and other media sources.

The newer models often feature wireless headphones and HDMI inputs for enhanced connectivity. 4.

Honda CabinWatch and CabinTalk: Honda introduced the CabinWatch and CabinTalk features in recent Odyssey models. CabinWatch uses a ceiling-mounted camera to give the driver a view of the rear seats, allowing them to monitor passengers more easily.

CabinTalk uses the audio system to amplify the driver’s voice through the rear speakers or headphones, ensuring everyone can hear important announcements or conversations. 5.

Honda Sensing: Honda Sensing is a suite of safety and driver-assistive technologies available on newer Honda Odyssey models. The system includes features such as adaptive cruise control, collision mitigation braking, lane-keeping assist, and road departure mitigation.

Honda Sensing aims to enhance safety and reduce the risk of accidents on the road. 6.

Rear Seat Reminder: To help prevent the tragic incidents of children or pets being left behind in vehicles, Honda introduced the Rear Seat Reminder system in newer Odyssey models. This feature uses sensors to detect if the rear doors were opened prior to the trip and reminds the driver to check the rear seats upon reaching the destination, ensuring the safety of passengers.

12. Best-selling Honda Odyssey models of all time

The Honda Odyssey has been a popular choice among families for its reliability, spaciousness, and numerous features.

Let’s take a look at some of the best-selling Honda Odyssey models of all time. 1.

2014 Honda Odyssey: The 2014 Honda Odyssey was a top-selling model due to its strong performance, ample cargo space, and family-friendly features. It offered a comfortable ride, an efficient V6 engine, and advanced safety features like forward-collision warning and lane departure warning.

2. 2018 Honda Odyssey: The redesigned 2018 Honda Odyssey witnessed strong sales thanks to its improved fuel efficiency, enhanced interior comfort features, and advanced technology.

It introduced the Honda Sensing suite as a standard feature across all trims, making it an appealing choice for safety-conscious families. 3.

2020 Honda Odyssey: The 2020 Honda Odyssey continued to be a best-seller, featuring a refreshed exterior design, improved performance, and an updated infotainment system. It also included the Honda Sensing suite as a standard feature and offered luxurious amenities like leather-trimmed seats and an available rear-seat entertainment system.

4. 2022 Honda Odyssey: The latest model, the 2022 Honda Odyssey, has already shown promise as another popular choice due to its modern design, spacious interior, and advanced safety features.

It maintains the reputation of the Odyssey as a reliable and family-friendly vehicle, making it a go-to choice for many buyers. These models have consistently appealed to families seeking comfort, practicality, and advanced features in their vehicles.

The Honda Odyssey’s reputation for reliability and its ability to adapt to the changing needs of families have contributed to its consistent sales success. 13.

Maintenance and repair costs for Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey has a reputation for being a reliable and durable minivan. However, like any vehicle, it will require regular maintenance and occasional repairs over its lifespan.

Here’s a breakdown of the average maintenance and repair costs associated with owning a Honda Odyssey. 1.

Routine Maintenance: Routine maintenance tasks include oil changes, tire rotations, and filter replacements. These are essential to keep the vehicle running smoothly and prevent major issues down the line.

On average, the cost of routine maintenance for a Honda Odyssey ranges from $400 to $600 per year. However, costs can vary depending on the location, the service provider, and whether the vehicle is still under warranty.

2. Brakes: Brake pads and rotors will eventually wear out and need replacement.

The cost to replace the brakes on a Honda Odyssey can range from $300 to $800, depending on the quality of the parts and the labor involved. 3.

Tires: The cost of replacing tires on a Honda Odyssey can vary depending on the brand and size of the tires. On average, owners can expect to spend around $500 to $800 for a set of four tires.

It’s important to regularly check the tire pressure and tread depth to ensure optimal performance and safety. 4.

Transmission: While the Honda Odyssey is generally reliable in terms of its transmission, eventual repairs or replacement may be necessary, especially in older models. The cost of repairing or replacing a transmission can range from $2,000 to $4,000, depending on the extent of the damage and whether it can be repaired or requires a complete replacement.

5. Electrical System: Issues with the electrical system, such as a malfunctioning power sliding door or malfunctioning dashboard lights, can occur.

Repairs to the electrical system can vary significantly in cost depending on the specific issue and the model year. On average, owners can expect to spend between $200 and $500 for electrical system repairs.

It’s important to note that these costs are approximate and can vary depending on the specific repair shop, location, and the age of the vehicle. Regular maintenance and prompt repairs can help minimize costs in the long run and keep the Honda Odyssey running at its best.

14. How Honda Odyssey compares to other minivan models in the market

The Honda Odyssey is a popular choice in the minivan market, but how does it compare to other models in terms of features, performance, and overall value?

Let’s explore how the Honda Odyssey stacks up against its competitors. 1.

Toyota Sienna: The Toyota Sienna is one of the main competitors to the Honda Odyssey. Both minivans offer spacious interiors, advanced safety features, and similar performance.

However, the Honda Odyssey often has an edge in terms of fuel efficiency and handling, while the Toyota Sienna may offer a smoother ride and more available features. 2.

Chrysler Pacifica: The Chrysler Pacifica is another strong competitor in the minivan segment. The Pacifica boasts a stylish design, a comfortable ride, and a wide range of available features.

The Honda Odyssey, on the other hand, offers better fuel economy, more interior space, and a reputation for reliability. 3.

Kia Carnival: The Kia Carnival (also known as the Kia Sedona in some markets) is a newer entry to the minivan market. It stands out with its bold design, spacious interior, and strong performance.

However, the Honda Odyssey still holds an advantage in terms of fuel efficiency and cargo space. 4.

Nissan Quest: The Nissan Quest is another option in the minivan market, but it may not be as popular as the Honda Odyssey or some of its competitors. While the Quest offers a comfortable ride and many available features, it may lack the refinement and fuel efficiency of the Honda Odyssey.

Overall, the Honda Odyssey holds its own in the minivan market, offering a combination of reliability, practicality, and advanced features. It consistently ranks among the top choices for families due to its ample space, flexible seating, and reputation for long-term durability.

However, personal preferences, budget, and specific needs should be carefully considered when comparing the Honda Odyssey to other minivan models. 15.

Tips for buying a used Honda Odyssey from a dealer or private seller. Buying a used Honda Odyssey can be a cost-effective way to own a reliable and spacious minivan.

Whether you’re considering purchasing from a dealer or a private seller, it’s important to do your homework and take certain precautions to ensure a smooth and successful transaction. Here are some helpful tips for buying a used Honda Odyssey:


Research and Set a Budget: Before starting your search, research the market value of the Honda Odyssey models you are interested in. Look at prices from different sources such as online listings, dealership websites, and local classifieds.

Set a budget that aligns with your financial situation and allows for potential maintenance and repairs. 2.

Determine Your Needs: Consider your specific needs and prioritize the features you want in a Honda Odyssey. Whether it’s the seating capacity, safety features, technology, or storage space, knowing your requirements will help you narrow down your options and make an informed decision.

3. Vehicle History Report: Obtain a vehicle history report for the Honda Odyssey you are interested in.

This report will reveal valuable information about the vehicle’s ownership history, accident history, maintenance records, and any reported title issues. This report can be obtained through services such as Carfax or AutoCheck.

4. Inspect the Vehicle: Whether you’re buying from a dealer or a private seller, it’s crucial to inspect the Honda Odyssey thoroughly.

If you’re not confident in your own mechanical knowledge, consider hiring a qualified mechanic to conduct a pre-purchase inspection. The inspection should cover the vehicle’s mechanical components, body condition, tires, brakes, and any signs of potential issues.

5. Test Drive: Always take the Honda Odyssey for a test drive before making a final decision.

Pay attention to the vehicle’s acceleration, braking, steering, and overall handling. Test all of the features, such as the air conditioning, infotainment system, and power accessories.

If something feels off or doesn’t work properly, inquire about it and consider it in your decision-making process. 6.

Negotiate and Compare Prices: Whether you’re dealing with a dealer or a private seller, it’s important to negotiate the price. Research comparable Honda Odyssey models in your area to get an idea of fair market prices.

Use this information as leverage when discussing the price. Be prepared to negotiate on the final price, especially if you have identified any existing issues during the inspection or if the vehicle has high mileage.

7. Consider Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Vehicles: If you’re buying from a dealer, consider looking for Honda Odyssey models that are certified pre-owned.

CPO vehicles undergo a comprehensive inspection and come with extended warranties, providing extra

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