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Revolutionizing the Driving Experience with Apple CarPlay for Honda CRV

As technology continues to play a central role in our everyday lives, it is no surprise that cars are also becoming smarter. The integration of infotainment systems such as Apple CarPlay has revolutionized the driving experience.

Launched by Apple in 2014, CarPlay is a system that allows you to access your iPhone applications, calls, messages, and more through your dashboard screen.

Understanding Apple CarPlay:

Apple CarPlay is designed to make it easier for you to use your iPhone in your car without having to look at your phone while driving.

The system is built around voice commands and the touch screen. It allows you to interact with your iPhone through a car’s dashboard display, enabling you to control your favorite applications using Siri voice activation or the car’s touchscreen.

With CarPlay, you can seamlessly access useful iPhone features, maps, music, messages, phone calls, and Siri while driving. Features of CarPlay:

One of the primary features of CarPlay is the ability to use several iPhone applications through the car’s dashboard display.

With Apple CarPlay, you can use some of your favourite applications, such as Apple Maps, Apple Music, and Siri. When using Maps, you get turn-by-turn directions, traffic updates, ETA, and real-time road conditions.

If you prefer using third-party navigation apps like Google Maps, Waze, or Sygic, they are compatible with CarPlay.

If you enjoy listening to music while on the move, Apple CarPlay gives you the ability to control your music library, playlists, and podcasts through the car’s dashboard display.

You can browse your music library, select songs or albums using the vehicle’s touchscreen or Siri voice system. CarPlay supports several streaming apps, including Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music.

When it comes to messaging and phone calls, CarPlay provides a safer and more convenient way of using your iPhone while driving. With Siri, you can send and receive messages, make calls, and check your voicemail by using voice commands.

CarPlay is designed with the popular messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and WeChat in mind, and they can be accessed using voice commands through Siri. Compatibility of Honda CRV with Apple CarPlay:

Several carmakers, including Honda, have integrated Apple CarPlay into their vehicle infotainment systems.

The Honda CRV has been compatible with the Apple CarPlay system since 2017. Unlike other vehicles where CarPlay is only available as an optional feature, all 2021 Honda CRV models come with Apple CarPlay as a standard feature.

To get started with Apple CarPlay on your Honda CRV, you will need an iPhone that supports iOS 7.1 or newer. You will also need a USB cable to connect your iPhone to the car’s dashboard screen.

Once you have connected your iPhone, you will see the CarPlay logo appear on the car’s display, indicating that the connection has been established, and you can begin using CarPlay. Conclusion:

Apple CarPlay is an excellent tool that enhances your driving experience, providing you with a safer way to use your iPhone while on the road.

CarPlay is compatible with most vehicles, and the Honda CRV is no exception. To begin using Apple CarPlay on your Honda CRV, ensure you have an iPhone that supports iOS 7.1 or newer, and you have connected your phone to the car’s USB port.

With Apple CarPlay on your Honda CRV, you can enjoy music, maps, messaging, and phone calls without taking your eyes off the road. 3.

Requirements for installing Apple CarPlay on Honda CRV:

Apple CarPlay is a fantastic tool that brings your iPhone’s functionality to your car’s dashboard screen, allowing you to access your favourite apps, make calls, send messages, and other activities while you are driving. Before installing CarPlay in your Honda CRV, there are some things to consider.

The main requirement for installing Apple CarPlay on your Honda CRV is a USB port that supports CarPlay. Additionally, your car should have a touchscreen display that is compatible with CarPlay.

Secondly, your Honda CRV should have Apple CarPlay on its infotainment system.

Another important requirement is an iPhone that supports CarPlay.

For iPhones, CarPlay requires an iPhone with a Lightning connector and a minimum of iOS 7.1 or newer. This means that if you have an older iPhone, you may need to upgrade your phone or OS before using CarPlay.

4. Preparation before installing Apple CarPlay:

Before installing Apple CarPlay in your Honda CRV, it is essential to ensure that the installation process goes smoothly.

Here are some of the things you need to do before installing CarPlay:

1. Backup Your iPhone: Before installing CarPlay, it is essential to back up your iPhone.

This is because the installation process may involve resetting your iPhone’s settings, which could lead to data loss. You can back up your iPhone using iTunes or iCloud.

2. Update Your iOS Version: Make sure you have the latest version of iOS on your iPhone.

This helps to eliminate any known bugs or issues that might occur during installation. 3.

Check the Compatibility of Your Honda CRV: Before you install CarPlay, ensure that your Honda CRV is compatible with CarPlay. You can check with the manufacturer or dealership to confirm if it is compatible and if it requires any additional hardware or software.

4. Purchase CarPlay-supported USB Cable: A CarPlay-supported USB cable is crucial for a smooth installation process.

The cable needs to be a Lightning to USB cable and should be MFi (Made For iPhone) certified. An MFi certified cable is compatible with Apple devices and guarantees a stable connection.

5. Remove Any Accessories: Disconnect or uninstall any accessories, such as phone docks or audio jacks, that you may have connected to your car’s infotainment system.

6. Review the Installation Guide: It is important to read the installation guide that comes with your Honda CRV infotainment system before proceeding.

The guide will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to install CarPlay, what to expect, and how to address any issues that may arise in the process. In conclusion, installing Apple CarPlay in your Honda CRV is a straightforward process if you follow the necessary steps.

Make sure your car is compatible with CarPlay, update your iPhone’s iOS version, back up your iPhone, purchase a CarPlay-supported USB cable, remove any accessories, and review the installation guide provided by Honda. Once you have prepared adequately, you can begin enjoying all the benefits that Apple CarPlay has to offer.

5. Steps to install Apple CarPlay on Honda CRV:

Once you have met the requirements and prepared adequately, you are ready to start the installation process to use Apple CarPlay in your Honda CRV.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Connect Your iPhone to the USB port: Use the CarPlay-supported USB cable to connect your iPhone to your Honda CRV’s USB port.

Check your car’s infotainment system to ensure that it recognizes your phone. 2.

Enable CarPlay: You can enable CarPlay on your car’s infotainment system by accessing the phone settings menu and selecting the CarPlay option. Once done, select ‘Enable CarPlay.’


Set Up CarPlay: Select your iPhone once it appears on the infotainment screen and sync the device to the system. Your system will now access your iPhone’s CarPlay-supported apps.

4. Test CarPlay: Once your iPhone is successfully connected, test Apple CarPlay by using voice commands or the touchscreen feature to access your iPhone’s applications.

6. Troubleshooting common installation issues:

If you are experiencing issues when installing Apple CarPlay in your Honda CRV, here are some possible solutions:


Ensure you are using a CarPlay-supported USB cable: The use of a non-CarPlay supported cable may lead to connectivity issues, rendering CarPlay unusable. Ensure you are using a reliable, high-quality CarPlay-supported USB cable.

2. Check your phone settings: Ensure that your iPhone’s settings are enabled to work with CarPlay.

Confirm if the CarPlay option is enabled in your iPhone settings and that the infotainment system in your Honda CRV supports CarPlay. 3.

Check your car’s infotainment system settings: In case you experience connectivity issues with the system, check your car’s infotainment settings or manual to ensure that they support CarPlay. Ensure that the USB port you are using is functioning correctly.

4. Check the software version of your phone: Ensure that your iPhone has the latest software version.

If not, update your phone’s software before attempting the installation process again. 5.

Restart Your Devices: Try restarting your Honda CRV and your iPhone to help reset the software settings and make the connection process easier. 6.

Verify Known Issues and Solutions: Check Apple’s website for any known issues with CarPlay installation and possible solutions. Conclusion:

Installing and using Apple CarPlay on your Honda CRV is easy if you follow the necessary steps.

Ensure that you have met the requirements, including having a compatible infotainment system, and a CarPlay-supported USB cable. Remember to prepare your iPhone adequately before installation, and test the system after the installation process.

If you experience any issues with the installation, try the troubleshooting steps mentioned above. With Apple CarPlay installed in your Honda CRV, you can enjoy the benefits of using your iPhone while driving, making it a safer and more convenient experience.

7. FAQs about Apple CarPlay and Honda CRV:


Is Apple CarPlay compatible with all Honda CRV models? No, Apple CarPlay is not compatible with all Honda CRV models.

However, all 2021 Honda CRV models come equipped with Apple CarPlay as a standard feature. 2.

Can you use other apps besides Apple Apps with Carplay on Honda CRV? Yes, with CarPlay on a Honda CRV, you can use other apps besides Apple apps, including Spotify, Google Maps, Pandora, Waze, and many more.

3. What iPhones are compatible with CarPlay?

iPhones that have a Lightning connector and run iOS 7.1 or later are compatible with CarPlay. 4.

Do you need to pay for using CarPlay services in Honda CRV? No, you do not have to pay for using CarPlay services in Honda CRV.

It is a standard feature that comes with all 2021 Honda CRV models. 5.

How do you switch back to standard infotainment after using CarPlay on your Honda CRV? To switch back to the standard infotainment system on your Honda CRV, unplug your iPhone from the USB port or select the ‘exit CarPlay’ option from the infotainment screen settings.

8. Benefits of Apple CarPlay for Honda CRV owners:


Convenience: Apple CarPlay provides a safer, more convenient way to use your iPhone while driving, enabling drivers to keep their eyes on the road while still accessing important apps or making calls and texts. 2.

Improved Navigation: Apple CarPlay features advanced navigation capabilities, which are useful for Honda CRV owners who love exploring new destinations. Never worry again about getting lost while driving into unfamiliar places.

3. Excellent Music Experience: With Apple CarPlay, Honda CRV owners can enjoy music options beyond traditional FM/AM radio.

CarPlay connects to your favorite music streaming apps like Spotify, Pandora, and Audiobooks. 4.

Accurate Voice Assistance: Apple CarPlay comes with Siri, which is an intelligent voice assistant that can provide directions, make calls, answer inquiries and assist with anything else that you could ask for. 5.

Ease Of Integration: CarPlay fully integrates your iPhone with the Honda CRV’s infotainment system, making it easy to access your favorite iPhone apps, message or call from your Hondas touchscreen or using Siri voice commands. Conclusion:

Apple CarPlay is an excellent feature that is transforming the driving experience, provided you own a Honda CRV.

The feature adds convenience and ease to the Honda CRV driving experience, making sure your eyes remain on the road while using your iPhone’s functions. With advanced navigation features, music streaming options, and the convenience of voice assistance, Apple CarPlay continues to offer valuable benefits that make driving safer and more enjoyable.

Ensure that you have met the requirements, followed the steps to prepare and install CarPlay, troubleshoot if necessary and take advantage of all the benefits CarPlay provides to Honda CRV drivers. 9.

Alternatives to Apple CarPlay for Honda CRV:

While Apple CarPlay is a popular and convenient option for Honda CRV owners, there are alternative options available that offer similar functionality. Here are a few alternatives to consider:


Android Auto: If you own an Android device, Android Auto is the equivalent of Apple CarPlay. It allows you to connect your Android phone to the Honda CRV’s infotainment system, providing access to various apps, navigation, music, and hands-free calling features.

2. Mirrorlink: Mirrorlink is a technology that allows you to mirror your smartphone’s screen directly onto your car’s infotainment display.

It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and offers a range of features similar to CarPlay and Android Auto. 3.

Bluetooth Connectivity: While not as feature-rich as CarPlay or Android Auto, Bluetooth connectivity allows you to wirelessly connect your smartphone to your Honda CRV’s infotainment system. This enables you to make and receive calls, stream music, and use basic hands-free functions.

4. Built-in Honda Infotainment System: Honda CRV models come equipped with a built-in infotainment system that offers various features and functions.

Although it may not provide the same level of smartphone integration as CarPlay or Android Auto, it still offers navigation, music streaming, and hands-free calling capabilities. 5.

Aftermarket Infotainment System: If you are not satisfied with the options available in your Honda CRV or want more advanced features, you can consider installing an aftermarket infotainment system. These systems often provide compatibility with both Apple and Android devices, allowing you to choose between CarPlay and Android Auto.

It is important to note that the availability of these alternatives may vary depending on the Honda CRV model and year. It is recommended to check with the manufacturer or a professional installer to determine compatibility and installation options.

10. Tips for using Apple CarPlay on Honda CRV:

To make the most out of your Apple CarPlay experience in your Honda CRV, consider the following tips:


Set Up Favorites: Organize your favorite apps and features on the CarPlay home screen for easy access. Rearrange the icons based on your preferences to ensure that your most-used apps and features are readily available.

2. Utilize Siri Voice Commands: Siri is an excellent tool for hands-free operation while driving.

Use Siri to perform various tasks, such as making calls, sending messages, changing music, or getting directions. Simply press and hold the voice activation button on your steering wheel or say “Hey Siri” to activate voice commands.

3. Customize Notifications: To minimize distractions while driving, customize your CarPlay settings to restrict or prioritize notifications.

In the CarPlay settings on your iPhone, you can choose to display only certain app alerts or mute them altogether. 4.

Take Advantage of Music and Podcasts: Use the Music or Podcasts app in CarPlay to enjoy your favorite tunes or catch up on podcasts during your drive. Take advantage of features like creating playlists or exploring new music recommendations provided by the app.

5. Use Navigation Apps: While Apple Maps is the default navigation app in CarPlay, you can also use other compatible navigation apps such as Google Maps or Waze.

Install and set up your preferred navigation app on your iPhone, and it will be available for use in CarPlay. 6.

Keep Your iPhone Charged: CarPlay relies on the connection between your iPhone and the Honda CRV’s infotainment system. To ensure that your iPhone remains connected and powered throughout your drive, keep it charged by using a reliable USB cable or charging adapter.


While Apple CarPlay is a popular choice for Honda CRV owners, alternatives such as Android Auto, Mirrorlink, Bluetooth connectivity, and aftermarket infotainment systems also offer similar features and functionality. Consider your preferences and device compatibility when deciding which option is best for you.

When using Apple CarPlay in your Honda CRV, make use of customization options, utilize Siri voice commands, and take advantage of music, navigation, and other apps available. By following these tips and exploring the available features, you can enhance your driving experience and ensure a safe and enjoyable journey.

11. Understanding Apple CarPlay updates and upgrades:

Apple regularly releases updates and upgrades for its operating systems, including CarPlay.

These updates aim to improve overall performance, introduce new features, and enhance compatibility with the latest iPhone models. Here’s what you need to know about Apple CarPlay updates and upgrades:


Software Updates: Apple periodically releases software updates for CarPlay. These updates can be installed on your iPhone, and they often bring bug fixes, performance improvements, and new features to enhance the CarPlay experience.

2. Over-The-Air Updates: CarPlay updates are typically delivered over-the-air, meaning you can update your CarPlay software directly from your iPhone without any additional steps.

When an update is available, a notification will appear on your iPhone prompting you to install the update. 3.

Car Manufacturer Updates: In addition to software updates from Apple, car manufacturers also release updates to improve CarPlay compatibility and functionality in their vehicles. These updates are typically provided by the car manufacturer and can be installed through a USB drive or by visiting a dealership.

4. App Updates: Just like other apps on your iPhone, CarPlay-supported apps can also receive updates that bring new features and improvements.

Make sure to keep your CarPlay-supported apps up to date to ensure optimal performance and access to the latest features. 5.

iOS Compatibility: It’s important to note that not all iOS updates are compatible with all CarPlay systems. Check the Apple website or consult your vehicle manufacturer’s documentation to ensure compatibility between your iPhone’s iOS version and your car’s CarPlay system.

6. Wireless CarPlay: Some newer car models support wireless CarPlay, which allows you to connect your iPhone to your vehicle’s infotainment system wirelessly, without the need for a USB cable.

Wireless CarPlay requires both your iPhone and car’s infotainment system to support this feature. Stay updated with the latest software releases for both your iPhone and your car’s infotainment system to enjoy the optimum CarPlay experience.

12. Comparison of Apple CarPlay with other car infotainment systems:

Apple CarPlay is undoubtedly a popular choice for many Honda CRV owners, but it’s worth considering how it compares to other car infotainment systems.

Here’s a comparison of Apple CarPlay with some other notable systems:

1. Android Auto: Android Auto is the equivalent of Apple CarPlay for Android device users.

It offers a similar level of smartphone integration, allowing users to access apps, navigation, and hands-free calling, using the familiar Android interface. Like CarPlay, Android Auto supports voice commands through Google Assistant.

2. Built-in Manufacturer Systems: Many car manufacturers develop their own infotainment systems, such as Ford’s SYNC or BMW’s iDrive.

These systems are often well-integrated with the vehicle’s features and offer unique functionalities tailored to each brand. However, they may not have the same range of app compatibility as CarPlay or Android Auto.

3. Mirrorlink: Mirrorlink is a technology that allows users to mirror their smartphone’s screen on the car’s infotainment display.

It offers cross-platform support for both Android and iOS devices. While CarPlay and Android Auto provide a more customized and integrated experience, Mirrorlink offers a broader device compatibility range.

4. Voice Recognition: The effectiveness of voice recognition varies across different car infotainment systems.

Apple CarPlay’s Siri voice assistant is well-regarded for its accuracy and responsiveness. In contrast, other systems may use different voice assistants, such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, which have their strengths and weaknesses.

5. App Availability: Apple CarPlay offers a wide array of compatible apps accessible through the CarPlay interface.

However, it is worth noting that app availability may differ between CarPlay, Android Auto, and other systems. Consider the specific apps that you frequently use and ensure they are supported on your chosen system.

6. Updates and Compatibility: Apple CarPlay receives regular updates to improve performance and introduce new features, which is an advantage for users.

However, some car manufacturers’ infotainment systems may have limitations in terms of updates and long-term compatibility with newer smartphone models. It’s important to evaluate your priorities and preferences when choosing a car infotainment system.

Consider factors such as device compatibility, app availability, voice recognition, and future updates before making a decision that best suits your needs and enhances your driving experience. 13.

Importance of having Apple CarPlay on your Honda CRV:

Having Apple CarPlay on your Honda CRV can significantly enhance your driving experience. Here are some key reasons why Apple CarPlay is important for Honda CRV owners:


Enhanced Safety: One of the primary benefits of Apple CarPlay is its focus on safety. By integrating your iPhone’s features and functions into your car’s infotainment system, CarPlay allows you to access important apps, make calls, send messages, and use navigation, all without having to take your eyes off the road.

This hands-free operation reduces distractions and helps you maintain better control while driving. 2.

Seamless Integration: Apple CarPlay provides seamless integration between your iPhone and your Honda CRV’s infotainment system. It allows you to access and control your favorite iPhone apps and features directly from the car’s display.

This integration ensures a user-friendly and intuitive experience, making it easier to handle various tasks, including navigation, music, and phone calls. 3.

Access to Apple Maps: Apple CarPlay gives Honda CRV owners access to Apple Maps, which offers reliable and accurate turn-by-turn directions, real-time traffic updates, and estimated time of arrival. With Apple Maps, you can confidently navigate to your destination without the need for a separate GPS device.

4. Music and Podcast Streaming: With Apple CarPlay, you can access your favorite music streaming apps, such as Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora, directly from your Honda CRV’s infotainment system.

This allows you to listen to your preferred playlists, podcasts, or radio stations while driving, enhancing your entertainment options on the road. 5.

Voice Recognition: Apple CarPlay features Siri, Apple’s voice assistant, which allows for hands-free operation of your iPhone while driving. You can use Siri to make phone calls, send and receive messages, change music tracks, or ask for directions.

The voice recognition capabilities of CarPlay are designed to minimize distractions and provide a safer driving experience. 6.

Constant Updates: Apple regularly releases updates for CarPlay, ensuring that you have access to the latest features, bug fixes, and improved performance. These updates help maintain compatibility with newer iPhone models and enhance the overall user experience.

14. Cost of installing Apple CarPlay on Honda CRV:

The cost of installing Apple CarPlay on your Honda CRV may vary depending on several factors.

Here are some aspects to consider when evaluating the cost:

1. Built-in or Aftermarket: If your Honda CRV is a recent model, there’s a good chance that it comes with Apple CarPlay pre-installed as a standard feature.

In this case, there would be no additional cost for CarPlay installation. However, if you own an older model or a variant that doesn’t come with CarPlay, you may need to explore aftermarket options.

Aftermarket CarPlay installations can range in cost depending on the brand, features, and complexity of the installation process. 2.

Apple Device: To use Apple CarPlay, you need an iPhone that supports CarPlay and has iOS 7.1 or newer. The cost of purchasing a compatible iPhone depends on the model and storage capacity you choose.

3. Installation Requirements: If you opt for an aftermarket CarPlay installation, there may be additional costs associated with installation.

These costs can vary depending on whether you choose to have it professionally installed or if you plan to install it yourself. 4.

Additional Accessories: Depending on your Honda CRV’s existing setup, you may need to purchase additional accessories such as a CarPlay-compatible USB cable or adapters. These accessories contribute to the overall cost of setting up CarPlay.

It’s important to research and compare prices of reputable brands and authorized dealers or installers that offer CarPlay solutions. Consider the value CarPlay brings to your driving experience when evaluating the cost, as the convenience and safety benefits can outweigh any upfront expenses.

Additionally, check if any warranties or support services are offered with the installation to ensure a seamless user experience. In conclusion, having Apple CarPlay on your Honda CRV enhances safety, provides seamless integration, and offers convenient access to navigation, music, and communication features.

The cost of installing CarPlay can vary depending on factors such as whether it’s built-in or aftermarket, the price of an Apple device, installation requirements, and any additional accessories needed. When considering the cost, weigh the benefits CarPlay brings to your driving experience and evaluate the overall value it adds to your Honda CRV.

15. User experiences and reviews of using Apple CarPlay on Honda CRV:

The user experiences and reviews of using Apple CarPlay on Honda CRV have been overwhelmingly positive.

Many Honda CRV owners have found Apple CarPlay to be a valuable addition to their driving experience, offering convenience, safety, and enhanced functionality. Let’s explore some of the common feedback and reviews from Honda CRV drivers who have used Apple CarPlay:


Convenience and Ease of Use: Users appreciate the seamless integration of Apple CarPlay with the Honda CRV’s infotainment system. They find it incredibly easy to connect their iPhones to the car and access their favorite apps, maps, and music right from the dashboard screen.

The touch interface and voice commands through Siri make it simple to control various features without distraction. 2.

Enhanced Safety: Many Honda CRV owners commend Apple CarPlay for its safety features. By allowing hands-free operation, CarPlay enables drivers to keep their focus on the road while still accessing important functions.

Users appreciate the voice recognition capabilities of Siri, which allows them to make calls, send messages, and get directions without taking their hands off the wheel. 3.

Improved Navigation: Users find Apple CarPlay’s navigation capabilities to be highly reliable. The access to Apple Maps or other third-party navigation apps such as Google Maps and Waze ensures accurate and up-to-date directions, real-time traffic updates, and estimated arrival times.

Honda CRV owners appreciate the ease of inputting destinations and the clear visual display of turn-by-turn directions on the car’s dashboard screen. 4.

Music and Media: Apple CarPlay’s integration with music and media apps is highly praised. Users enjoy the ability to seamlessly control their preferred music streaming services, such as Apple Music, Spotify, or Pandora, directly from the car’s infotainment system.

The simplicity of browsing playlists, artists, and albums on the touchscreen or using Siri voice commands adds to a superior music experience. 5.

App Compatibility: Honda CRV owners appreciate the wide range of apps that are compatible with Apple CarPlay. Whether it’s messaging apps like WhatsApp or popular podcast apps, CarPlay offers the flexibility to access a variety of apps that are important for connectivity and entertainment on the go.

Users find the option to personalize the CarPlay home screen by selecting their favorite apps to be a highly desirable feature. 6.

Updates and Support: Users have praised Apple’s commitment to releasing regular updates and improvements for CarPlay. These updates enhance functionality, introduce new features, and fix any bugs or issues.

Honda CRV owners appreciate the ongoing support and improvements, ensuring that CarPlay remains up-to-date and remains compatible with newer iPhone models and iOS versions. Overall, the majority of Honda CRV owners who have used Apple CarPlay have expressed high satisfaction with the system.

Its convenience, ease of use, safety features, and access to a wide range of apps and services have greatly enhanced their driving experience. Users appreciate the seamless integration, reliable navigation, and superior music and media control.

The ongoing updates and support from Apple further contribute to the positive user experiences. It is important to note that individual experiences may vary based on personal preferences, app usage, and specific configurations.

However, overall, the feedback from Honda CRV drivers who have adopted Apple CarPlay is overwhelmingly positive, showcasing the value and benefits it brings to their daily journeys. In conclusion, Apple CarPlay brings numerous benefits to Honda CRV owners, enhancing their driving experience with convenience, safety, and seamless integration.

With features like hands-free operation, reliable navigation, access to music and media apps, and ongoing updates, CarPlay improves convenience, safety, and entertainment while on the road. The positive user experiences and reviews highlight the importance and value CarPlay adds to the Honda CRV.

Embrace the potential of Apple CarPlay on your Honda CRV and enjoy a safer, more connected journey.

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